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Effective Betting Advisory and Administration

About Us

SkyZun is an advantageous betting advisory and decision management agency. We use effective technical betting methods to generate risk-free profit. SkyZun is a private/limited organisation, which means we only work with a limited number of people.

Apply/Confirm Eligibility

Typically, SkyZun will contact you based on a referral from a friend, etc. But the first step is to apply and check your eligibility.

Get Paid for your Info

If you are eligible, we will contact you with details of our process, and if you agree to continue you could receive £85 risk-free.


Frequently Asked Questions

Read some of our most common questions below. If you can't see what you're looking for - please contact us right away!

  • What is SkyZun?

    SkyZun is a betting advisory and management agency. Sounds confusing, right? Well - to put it simply, we offer a risk-free profit to a select few people. Learn more below.

  • The minimum payment from SkyZun is £85.00, however in some cases we may pay you more.

  • We usually pay you in full instantly, but in some cases you will receive full payment in no longer than 1-4 months.

  • SkyZun does all the work for you. We just need some of your information and written permission from you to begin. Then we start working.

  • SkyZun is a management agency. This means we act on your behalf to employ a complex method of technical betting. Only some people are eligible for this programme, but if you are, you will receive a guaranteed £85 profit, and we take any leftovers. We tell you more about this process once we confirm your eligibility, but feel free to contact us with any questions.

  • If you're interested, that's great! Please find the section below called "Eligibility Check" and take it from there.

  • Unfortunately, our method is only risk-free for a very select few people, and for that reason, if you are not eligible - you cannot take part in our agency's programme. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions.


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Feel free to use the information below to contact us regarding any concerns you may have, whether it be to ask a question or register your interest.

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We work locally in Newcastle, United Kingdom.

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