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SkyZun offers local development and IT solution(s) consultancy/advice to small and growing businesses. SkyZun is online-based and located in Cumbria.

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*SkyZun was a public game server for ~5 years. Our development has now shifted focus.
**SkyZun is new to public development, and we're growing at an expected rate.

What We Do/Services

SkyZun offers everything you need to establish and grow your technological presence

Website Development

SkyZun offers simplistic and effective website development. Fully responsive design in Bootstrap to fullstack theme modification. SkyZun can make something effective for your business.

Hosting and Administration

Once your website is developed, SkyZun can help you administrate your website. SkyZun offers cheap hosting and domain management so your website is readily accessible to the world.

Custom Emails

If you choose SkyZun, SkyZun offers custom email setups, so that you can have your own business/personalized E-Mail address with your website. An example of this is SkyZun's contact email: [email protected].

Software Development

SkyZun also offers minor software development solutions in Python 2.7+

Contact us with your idea and we'll take it from there.

Management and Consultancy

If you need something else done, SkyZun can help with your IT consultancy. Please contact us about this if you need consultancy services.

SkyZun also offers management, if you already have a website/system and need it managed/developed - we can help you there.

Support and Pricing

SkyZun is still new to the public development scene, so we offer competitive prices and brilliant support, regardless of your current position.

SkyZun has systems in place to help make this whole process as easy as possible for you - the client.

Our Clients

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Elliot Potts Developer, SkyZun

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SkyZun is an online organization, and in-person contact is rarely made, as research has shown us that our operations work best through digital communication.

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Phone: (+44) 7398 646228

Please note, phone-contact may be unreliable. If you use our form and specify a phone number, we will call you back the moment we receive the request. Thanks for understanding.