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SkyZun offers competitive development solutions, see below what is meant by this

Development Solutions

SkyZun offers solutions for website and software development at competitive pricing


You want a website. Sure.

But what about once it's made? What happens next? Where do you put it? How? How do people access your newly-created website?

Unless informed otherwise, SkyZun will host your website and give you a subdomain free of charge, for example:

Research and Configuration

If you're looking for something I cannot make myself, I will research existing applications/frameworks, deploy them and configure them to your needs

Maintenance and Support

Have an existing website/solution? Need it changed or modified and don't know how? I'll take a look.

Many people have websites made, and as the years pass - they no longer have contact with the developer, yet they need something changed. I can take a look and do this.

I can also offer advice on your current technologies, from website updates/configurations to social media advice.


Some of the things offered are listed below.

Website Development

Need a website made? Sure. I can make websites like this one for your business at a low cost. Fully responsive and powered by Bootstrap 4.


Efficient minor software solutions/programming provided in Python 3+ (GUI, CLI, Web Applications).

Hosting and Administration

SkyZun (if you chose) will upload and host your website on a SkyZun subdomain, free of charge (dependent on scale).


Competitive development with competitive pricing.

Contact me

Got a question or query? Need something done, or want some advice? Contact me using the form below, the live-chat, or directly email me at: [email protected]