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SkyZun is a betting advisory agency. We use special technical betting methods in order to generate risk-free profit.

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If you're eligible for our process, we'll contact you and you could make a guaranteed £85 risk-free.


Frequently Asked Questions

Some of our most common questions are answered below. Contact us if you need to know more.

  • What is SkyZun?

    SkyZun is a betting agency which can reliably make you £85. We do this using a technical process of odds-matching. More explained below.

  • SkyZun will pay you £85 for some of your information. Optionally, we'll then pay you £25 for each person you refer.

  • Our process takes a long time. However, we'll make payments to you instantly.

  • SkyZun does all the technical work behind the scenes for you. We just need your information and permission to begin.

  • Our process is completely safe. Our eligibility application (below) makes sure that our process will work flawlessly and safely for you.

  • Please find our section below called "Eligibility Check" and complete it, we'll then contact you shortly after.

  • Unfortunately, in order for our process to be safe and risk-free, you must be eligible to take part.


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